Our Focus

We focus on investments in technology driven early stage companies. In addition to providing funding, we take a very active role in supporting and developing portfolio companies.


We invest in technology companies in the following industries:


Digital Media

Given our digital media background, we invest heavily in technologies that disrupt media & entertainment sector through transition to digital. We have more than 15 years of experience in digital media technology & services to support our portfolio companies with valuable insights. Our team has existing network into content companies such as Hollywood studios, music labels and game publishers.


Smart Data

We are in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever. It’s the key to the smooth functionality of everything from the government to local companies. Our team has a wealth of experience, broad know-how and network in the security and intelligence industry. APEX Ventures has close relationship to the public and private sector as for market access, research and customers.


Fin Tech

More than other investment areas, Fintech is gaining momentum in every region of the world. Due to our extensive experience in the financial services industry, FinTech remains a primary focus. Our team has close relationships to all major financial institutions in Austria & CEE as well as access to the main financial capitals in Europe (London & Frankfurt).


Future of Work

We see a fundamental change of employee, work and employer relationships and a flattening of hierarchies. The impact of technological change on employment and jobs is tremendous. At APEX Ventures we back companies that transform this sector by deploying technology-based solutions within organisations.

Investment Stage

We invest in businesses at different levels of growth, however our primary focus is at seed and early stages. Typically, our investments range from EUR 300k to EUR 500k per company at its early stage of growth.

Investment Stages Visualization


We believe that exceptional ventures can be established in different parts of the world. At APEX we are internationally focused, however we mainly invest in the DACH region, CEE and occasionally Nordics, Baltics, UK and the U.S.


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